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Fan Letter #32

[Written April 1, 2009]

eric? hahaha okay so like everyone loves eric and thinks he is the hottest thing in the world, but he has always been my least favorite member. weird, i know. although being my least favorite of shinhwa doesnt really mean much because i am so totally in love with them all (:
i never thought he looked like mc yoo... lol
and omg i LOVE rewatching their old love letter episodes! season one! it was just them vs. kang ho dong and i never even noticed the girls LOL

for some reason you dont seem like a triple s kind of person.. but i guess if you are already a fangirl you can fangirl over almost anyone lol
i personally love kyu jong the most but i am kind of thinking that he is the one that you think looks like a girl LOL (i seem to always like the girly members best. example: heechul.) U R Man was a super catchy song and i definitely downloaded it too (:
their songs are actually all pretty good, i'm not sure why they are "b list celebrities" but i guess its just hard to compete with dbsk, super junior, and big bang. (although imo ss501's style is totally different from all of theirs.)
did you watch their show "thanks for waking me up"? because that is totally what made me love them all. such dorks (:

i know~~~ i want epik high's CD too~~~ but i think i might just pay the 10$ to get it on itunes so i am still supporting them and then just borrow the book from my friend. because really i am that cheap. LOL

lollll i hate kpop for being so expensive. its like a drug addiction. i know i shouldn't do this but i can't stop myself from spending the money. i will regret this someday when i have no retirement money because all i have are 290543875746 CDs.
I WISH I HAD GONE TO HB LAST YEAR AND SEEN DBSK+SUJU. it really makes me want to cry. as much as i love son ho young and snsd and ss501... they cant compare to DBSK+SUJU TOGETHER. sigh.

ah~ 2pm. i know what you mean about the rain-look alike one!! if kim jong kook and rain had a baby together it would be 2pm's junho. seriously.
and HAHA i totally didnt notice about the hankyung-->nichkhun thing BUT YOU ARE SO RIGHT! i think kang ho dong likes them because he always has a backup joke because he can make fun of their korean LOL (but didnt kichkhun get like kicked off the new ysmm? is he still an mc?)
you're right that they dont really have personalities yet. they are kind of just a group. to me they all have one personality...

DBSK in EHB was hilariously lame. like suju is just.. insane. but dbsk is funniest when they are total losers. theyre just so good at being lame, you know? if they actually try to be funny you want to hide your face in shame but when they just let out their real personalities..hilarious (:

i still think the EHB laughing episode owns them all. their facial expressions are priceless! i remember one part where you are supposed to press on the persons forehead or something to make them stop laughing and they do it to ryeowook and OMG BWAHAHAHAH he just goes straight from laughing into this "I WILL KILL YOU" face LOLOLOLOL i laugh my head off everytime. and i have random urges to reenact it but i try to restrain myself around people who haven't seen it xD

heechul on FO = amazing. i really really want it to happen.
"Except he doesn't really compare these days with his chestnut hair" LOLOLOL YOU ARE SO RIGHT! hahahaha oh heechul. such bad hair. i can just imagine the family making fun of him for it. it would probably end up with a close up of mc yoo CGed to have matching hair. they always do that kind of stuff to him.

"Seungri is.....in his own world, being the king of it" DUDE THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I THINK OF HIM ROFL. he thinks he is insanely hot but HE ISNT. delusional. i think all the big bang members are in their own worlds. suju is also in their own world... but at least all 13 members are in one psycho world instead of 13 individual ones xP

HAHA i bet jongshin does talk to daesung more than any of the big bang members. daesung looks so much happier on family outing than he ever does on any show with big bang. and i think the family members like him better than the big bang members do. big bang always just says that he lacks an idol image. the family has so many more creative insults xD

being discovered by getting picked up off the street like kibum apparently doesn't work too well because like WHERE IS HE??!?! kangin is in a movie and a drama (both of which are probably going to be more popular than whatever kibum's drama was) but he is always at all the suju events and he has a radio show and he is on we got married! obviously SM is just pushing kibum out. like he regrets putting him in suju but can't kick him out now because the psycho only 13 fans would probably murder him. so he just hides kibum off to the side and never gives him singing parts. lame. he could at least rap or something :(

HAHAHA that guy did have a good attitude! just like mc yoo! if i could be as happy and positive as them my life would be awesome. its sad how my heros are all turning out to be weird old nerdy guys.

at least boys over flowers is finally over. it was good at first but by the end i was only watching it to stare at their gorgeous faces. the drama itself got pretty boring. and i am beyond sick of hearing about it OMG. now i can happily go back to variety shows and be reminded of how they are so much better than dramas (:

~Jung Pil Kyo

Fan Letter #31

[Written March 31, 2009]

GAH!!!!! I'm sooooo in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! klsjfkslajflajfasljfalksjfaklsfjak;lfjsdjf I'm so in love with Eric, it's not even funny. I've even started watching Strongest Chil Woo. W----T-----F. Dude, Eric's insecure about how his mouth looks like....THE GRASSHOPPER!!!! Bwahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Maybe that's why I'm so in love with him! It's because he's the hotter version of Yoo Jae Suk! Hhahahahaa. Dude, Eric's protruded mouth DOES look like Yoo Jae Suk's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I've been binging on so much Shinhwa lately. I've even sat through their Heroine 6 special! And I'm cycling back through all the Loveletters. Yes, I'm obsessed. Hahaha.

You know who I'm really loving these days?!!?!?!?! SS501!!! Ok...I don't know any of them by name yet, just the leader, cuz he's the most famous, and he's in BOF. But I acutally don't like him! I ONLY like the Triple S boys! lasjsfklsajfajsdfj;alfjaslfjassdf I've been ignoring SS501 for a long time now, and I caught them on Star Golden Bell, and combined with their Dance Off on MBC with Suju, that kind of sold me. Yes, I only like those 3 boys, and I don't even know their names! Is it just me, or does one of them freaking look like a girl?!?!?!!!!! You know the one I'm talking about right?! He looks like he could be Heechul's bro. Hahaha. But one of the three is actually hot. And then there's the other one with the f-ed up haircut. Haha. His hair is covering his face and it's asymmetrical. Gah, I'm falling in love with the Triple S boys so much that I downloaded their stupid "U R Man" song. Haha. They're not Suju crack (no one is), but they're....decent. Haha. It seems like they've protected their idol images well. Haha. And yes, they're going to Hollywood Bowl! When you go, tell me if that one guy actually looks like a girl. Haha.

Dude, can you believe Epik High's new CD/book is only freaking $20?!?!!??!!?! That makes me want to get it even moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why Epik High doesn't try to distribute it over to Barnes and Noble or Borders or something, you know? Like, I'd much rather buy it at Barnes and Noble instead of online! It'd save me shipping! Haha.

Son Ho Young!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! I love him too. Dude, I saw him on Golden Fishery, and let me just say, Son Ho Young should never go into acting. Hahahaha. He has a dumb grin on his face the whole time. Hahaha. But he's sooooo hot. And he willingly flaunts his abs....gah....loveeeeeee it. Dude, that's A LOT of money to be spending on Hollywood Bowl!!!!! O____O I hope its a lot of fun.

I swear SM is an evil James Bond villian. But instead of stroking a cat on his lap, he strokes BoA. LOL.

Nichkhun (I know...the hardest freaking name to spell on the planet of this Earth) is.......eh. It's like he's Kang Ho Dong's new pet. LOL. Have you noticed that Hankyung was Kang Ho Dong's first pet? And then it's like....Nichkhun (the other foreign exchange student) replaced him. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. The other boys of 2PM are......eh. Dude, one of them freaking looks like Rain like NO JOKE. SPITTING IMAGE!!!! Did you see him before he debuted, in that reality show (no, not the hot blooded males one, but an earlier one), where he and a bunch of other JYP trainees meet Rain backstage and give him a shirt from The Gap. LOLOLOLOLOL. They looked sooooo starstruck, it was hilarious. Haha. I don't really think that they have personalities though yet, you know? Like, the 2PM boys have funny moments on Star Golden Bell, but none of them are memorable. I think that the short one from America and Nicole from Kara should get their own show, and just play "level with me" the whole time. LOLOLOL. Did you see that episode? It toook him FOREVER to answer Nicole's question!!!! Like...longer than Hankyung. LOLOLOLOL.

DBSK in EHB was.....dude, I think that if they ever made an EHB season 2 (doubtful), they should make it with DBSK as the main hosts. LOLOLOLOLOL. The best part of the DBSK episode was when JaeJoong was about to run, and the host asks him if he thought he could make it, and JaeJoong says honestly, "No." LOLOL. And then he says, "When I played badmiton, we focused on accuracy and precision...anyways...fighting!" BWHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! I'm always rewinding that part cuz it's sooooo freaking hilarious!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAA! Also when DBSK was eating those hot peppers, and Micky physically screams out in pain. LOLOL. But his scream was so funny. It was.....GOLD. Hahahaaha.

WHY THE HELL IS SUJU NOT ON FO YET?!!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!? Dude....FO needs some Heechul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you just imagine the look on JoonShin's face?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! His grimace + WTF combo. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I live for that. And him comparing beauty with Hyori. LOLOLOL. Except he doesn't really compare these days with his chestnut hair. Haha.

Oh gawd, your comments about Big Bang are SPPPPPPPOT on. SERIOUSLY. THE FAKE LAUGH. It's soooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like them on variety shows either. It's soooooo boring. Ok, seriously, G-Dragon doesn't have anything to freaking say. Everything that comes out of his mouth is BS, especially when he starts talking about fashion (which is 9 times out of 10). Daesung is GOLD, we've already established that. TOP is quiet by nature, so there's not much for him to say. Taeyang is sooooo freaking shy. I want to slap some confidence into him. SERIOUSLY! Like, it's ok if you're shy *cough Ryeowook cough*, but Taeyang goes too overboard, and it just gets annoying, cuz you're sooo frustrated. It's like, if you're so f-cking shy, GO HOME! You're a freaking entertainer for Christ's sake!!!!!! It's your job to be outgoing!!!!!! W----T----F. And Seungri is.....in his own world, being the king of it. They're so dysfunctional (and not in a good way) on variety shows. They're sooooo awkward!!! Their body language is sooo hostile. VIPs are delusional thinking that they're funny on variety shows. Not compared to the pure crack that is the astroid of DBSK and Suju. Thank gawd for Suju and Yoo Jae Suk. Honestly, if it wasn't for them, I don't think my interest would have lasted this long in kpop. Dude, if Big Bang's group dynamic continues on the way it is, they're going to break up. Not any time soon cuz YG is too busy milking them, but let's just say they aren't going to last as long as Shinhwa. LOL. Dude, I think JongShin talks to Daesung more than Seungri does. LOL.

Hahahaahahaha. YES! The younger MC Yoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just....KNOW! The second you see him, you just know. Hahahaahahahhahahaha. He's soooo FUNNY. Not just in the performance, but when he talks. Even the hosts were like, "It sounds like you inhaled helium right before this." And then when they were talking about his appearance, he was like, "Well, I was born with this face. What can I do?" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. What a great attitude!!!!!! Bwhaahahahahahahahaha. That's the attitude I aspire to have in life. Hahaahahahahahahaha. I love him. He's soooo positive. And freaking hilarious! I'm glad you watched it. :) :) :)

Yes, I'm behind on everything too. Gawd, I saw the first episode of "What Happened in Bali", and let me just say, dude, Jo In Sung has got to be the funniest actor alive. His facial expressions are GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I foresaw Bali being a drama that drags on forever, so I youtubed the ending. LOLOLOL. Yes, I'm impatient. Hahaha. I finally saw "Antique Bakery" and "Chaser". Joo Ji Hoon is AWESOME in Antique!!!!! asdlkjdfslkajfkdsljfksalfjasfjlsdfjalskfjksldfj. I watched the manga before, so I know what the main character is supposed to be like, and he for the most part captured it! I love it when he's man. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAAH. It's soooo funny. Chaser was creepy. :( I'm going to stay away from movies like that in the future. Haha. It was good, just sooo intense. Gah, I realize I only have the fangirl capacity of watching froufy things like Antique these days. Haha. So yes, now I'm watching Loveletter and Strongest Chil Woo and trying to catch up like a madman on Star Goldent Bell and 1N2D and FO! GAH!!!! Sooo much to do!!!!!!!!!!!! ksafjskfjlfjalkfjdlajsfd

~Park Choong Jae

Fan Letter #30

[Written March 29, 2009]

yeah.. soompi is awesome.. it is nice sometimes to have everything all in one place. its just so.. less organized. i like having bunches of different forums and subforums and threads rather than all the super junior stuff in one giant thread. plus, no download links on soompi. but i heard that soompi has a main office or something in irvine? and omg~~ how awesome would it be to work for soompi? LOL

i do get annoyed at people that dont share anything xP

oh seriously, no kidding. ryeowook... asklfhaglsj sigh. i really thought he was awesome in sj-m but now.. maybe its his haircut? he just is ridiculous. but really, almost all of them look pretty weird right now. some are okay; i think eunhyuk wins for best hair.
hankyung.. yeah.. full house. i think all fans loved them more during full house times (: really, how could anyone not love them after watching that?
in order for them to get more fans, i would be willing to volunteer to go live at their house so they can film season two. just to gain them more fans.
it's not because i want to marry them all.

but after listening to their cd a lot more, i am beginning to like all the songs. (why am i so biased?)
i kind of like the cute/lame ones and hope they promote something like "happy together" next because it would be a nice change and i think it fits them better.

I REALLY REALLT WANT EPIK HIGHS CD. jsut because epik high is pure awesomeness and i cant resist. but since its 20$ i think i might have to resist, especially since i just bought suju's.

hollywood bowl! yes! xD i'm really excited now bc ss501 is going! and okay actually i totally hate three of the members. i only like hyun joong and kyu jong... but whatever~~ i have always liked their songs (:
luckily, i love snsd now so it will be fine. i was worried before because i didnt like them at all.

the amount of money i am spending makes me want to cry. because i really have no money. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.
but i am such a fangirl of everyone that i dont even care. son ho young!!<3

DUDE YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT THE LOSER-->COOL THING. as soon as someone new comes along, they become the ultimate losers and everyone else looks cooler. and yeah ahaha how long did they train? like 2 years? even other sm trainees take way longer than that! in snsd some of them were trainees for like 7 years! and they are all older than shinee. (well almost all)

in 2pm i basically just love nichkhun (but cant spell his name) because he is adorable. it took me forever to learn the rest of their names. i do now think most of them are pretty hilarious, but jyp just doesn't equal sm's genius. (who does?)

oh yeah~ dbsk in EHB was pretty funny. but then again, i think anything they did that was funny got totally lost in the hilarity that is suju. no one can beat them.

i know what you mean about big bang. i swear on those variety shows you can kind of feel tension between them. like someone makes fun of seung ri and seung ri laughs but it is the fakest laugh in the world and seirously sometimes they dont even bother to fake smile! its like clearly a huge grimace! i can't stand it~ i prefer the borderline gayness of suju and dbsk. (if you can call that borderline LOL eunhae+kangteuk=married)

HAHA when i started watching the quiz show thing i was thinking "how will i even know when i get to the mc yoo guy?" BUT THEN IT GOT TO HIM LOLOLOLOL i knew instantly that you must have been talking about him hahaha. like really, i could just picture mc yoo being like that when he was younger xD

i havent watched family outing ep 37 or 38. i am so far behind on we got married that i am beginning to think i will never catch up. i havent even watched last weeks episodes of boys over flowers and it ends next week and i am sure someone is going to spoil it for me.

~Jung Pil Kyo

Fan Letter #29

[Written March 24, 2009]

I could spend forever and a day on soompi, their shopping thread ALONE. Hahahaha. I just like looking at things. Haha. And I think I look at the whole thing from a sociological view as well, cuz these people (myself included) are all..psychos. Haha. Like, you know damifino (spelling?), the admin of the Super Junior thread? She's freaking INSANE! She's on there ALL THE TIME! Not only that, she knows EVERY news piece about Suju! She's like a Suju bank!!!!!!! She has their PR on speed dial or something. SERIOUSLY! I hate the people who show up on the Super Junior thread (or any other kpop artist thread), and go like "Hi! I'm so-and-so. I'm new. I'm an ELF." Like...W--------T----------F?!!?!?!?! It's so weird when they put stuff like that up there! It's like go away! Gimme a link to download a gif or something!

The words Ryeowook and sexy should never be in the same sentence together, unless separated by the word "not". Actually, I was looking at their making the MV footage, and in one shot, I swear, Ryewook looks like an anime character! The girly-borderline lesbian facial features. Hahaha. his new hair is...GAWD AWFUL. I miss Teukie's bangs too. Those were the best things about him! Those and his dimples. >_< Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Dude, I DO NOT like that Sungmin is edgy now. It DOES NOT suit him. Like...during their Don't Don period, that was like O___O. But now, he's trying to be "smex" and that does not work out for him. This is Sungmin for pete sake! The guy who's favorite color is pink. That just screams smex. Hahaha.

Hankyung is...I can't take him seriously these days. Haha. Like...his facial expressions during the performances on all the music shows is WAY TOO SERIOUS. He looks half-constipated, half-pissed that he's constipated. Plus, he's FOREVER Beijing Fried Rice, and I REALLY can't take him seriously when I think about him being an ahjumma on Full House. Hahahahaha. Man, I miss those Full House days like you can't imagine. T.T

I know what you mean about the "Marry U" song. Their songs on this album aren't that great, Sorry Sorry excluded. They're really...R&B-y, and let's face it, no Suju fan can take them singing R&B seriously. Haha. Sorry Sorry's already pushing it. Haha.

Dude, speaking of CDs, are you going to buy Epik High's new one?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? I HATE buying CDs (or anything for that matter cuz I'm cheap as hell) BUT....I REALLY want to buy the new Epik High album for the book. It'd better not be like $50 like the Suju photobook. SERIOUSLY. Not because I necessarily like Epik High. It's because I've been reading their recent interviews about it, and they've somehow managed to sway me over to their side in the sense that they are genuinely doing it for the music. It was a bold thing of them to do going independent. That's like...if SS501 or something randomly decided to go independent! Plus, Tablo's been saying how their new project is meant to inspire kids to be creative and productive etcetc. And when I read that, I seriously welt up tears because I thought he was talking directly at me! Yes, I'm a psycho lunatic. Haha. Maybe I'll buy it for Christmas, but Christmas is a LONG ASS time away. :(

OH MY FREAKING GAWD!!!! You're going to Hollywood Bowl!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?! SNSD is going, right? I don't really like them. Yeah, I looked at the artist list, and I don't really like any of them. :( I know SJ-H was there last year, and I would have gone for that...but eh. Tell me how it is, ok!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! I want to see pictures and I need a fan-account and everything. Haha. And you'd better wear a shirt that says "Yoo Jae Suk 4ever" or something. Hahaha. I need to see that shirt in the midst of pink balloons. Hahaha. How much money are you spending on Hollywood Bowl?

Dude, Shinee IS a bunch of losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, if you wanted to map it out........Shinhwa is a bunch of losers. And then DBSK came along, and they made Shinhwa look cool. And then Suju came along, and they made DBSK look cool. And now...Shinee makes Suju look cool. Hahahahaa. But comparison aside, good gawd, Shinee is SERIOUSLY a bunch of losers. They're SOOO quiet and awkward!!!!!!!!! They can sing and dance, but their personalities suck, and in Korea, especially with the domination of variety shows as exposure, that's not going to fly. Haha. Dude, Suju isn't that great at singing and dancing, and they're HUGE in Korea. Hahaha. I don't really like Shinee's songs, and the only image of them I have in my head is 1) Taemin with that hideous bowl cut and 2) them crying like babies at MMKF. WTF. Like, they've only been training for a small amount of time compared to some of the other trainees (some of whom who haven't even debuted!) like...Jo Kwon. Gawd, Jo Kwon should cry! Haha. I hope they grow into personalities (lol, it's like a clothing item haha). Either that, or they're going to have to wait around for the next group of SM boybands to roll around so that they'll seem cool. Hahahahaha.

2pm...I have a love/hate relationship with them. They are SOOOOOOO AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not as people, but when they're in front of the camera, they have that deer-in-the-headlights-good-gawd-what-do-I-do-now look, you know? Have you seen them give interviews?!!?!!!?!? It's soooo awkward. Like on a bigillion levels. At least Shinee seems...........unified in front of the camera. Haha. Whatever camera class Shinee took, 2pm should take as well. Plus, 2pm isn't really filled with a bunch of good looking guys. One of them freaking looks like Snoop Dogg! Hahha. Well, I take that back, they are good looking guys, but just not in the conventional Korean girly-man *cough Heechul cough* way, you know? The test is, can any of them pass for girls, and none of them can, except...Nichkhun, but he's pretty useless, cuz his Korean is abyssmal. Haha. They're really sad though because it doesn't seem JYP cares that much about them, you know? JYP's not good at promoting their stars. I mean, the Wondergirls are promoted, but it's nothing compared to all the variety spots SM gets their stars on, you know? So I always feel that 2pm gets shafted when it comes to promotion.

Hmmm...now you got me thinking about funny DBSK moments. Well, I thought the Triangle MV was like THE FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen in my life, but I don't think that was intentional. Hahaha. Same with the "O" MV, as well as all their English lyrics. "Purple line let me set up my world"...W-----T-----F does that mean!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! I never really liked DBSK until I saw them on EHB eating those peppers and playing dodgeball. Haaha. There's a lot of good DBSK moments on XMan! :) But Yunho was sooo innocent looking back then, and he wasn't that funny compared to everyone else. He just danced all the time. Hahaa. That's all I remember him doing....dancing. Haahahaha. I know that Kenyan thing you're talking about.
BWahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaah. That was the funniest part of their Come to Play apppearance after the release of Mirotic. Junsu is.........prection. Hahaha. He delivered that with suuuuuuch a straight face. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I love Junsu and Eunhyuk together. Those two make me happy. Haha. But you know that Eunhyuk was probably PISSED as hell when Junsu debuted earlier than he did. Have you seen that clip when Junsu calls Eunhyuk and asks Eunhyuk what kind of relatiionship they have, and Eunhyuk says, "Sunbae hoobae of course!" Hahaahahahahaha. I love Eunhyuk. But DBSK's gotten really......serious. No joke. Like Yunho...when's the last time he smiled? Hahaha. I'm saying FOR REAL smiled. Not the fake smiles that he's always doing during press cons. Haha.

Yesex is....gah, I want to marry him. He's sooo freaking GOLD! Hahahahaa. He's like 70% of the juice that makes up Suju's fail glory. Hahaha. His best parts are on accent relay on Star Golden Bell. That's when his fail shines through. Hahahahahahahaahah.

"SM is just amazingly good and finding total weirdos that have talent and putting them together in the strangest combinations." TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN. Hahahaahah. That's his talent. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. He's my hero too. Hahahahahahahahaahahahah. He should publish a book on how to find talent or something. Haha. Yang Hyuk of YG is weird. Like...have you noticed? He can't get any of his boys *ahem Big Bang ahem* to be friendly with each other. Dude, I'm not joking, is it just me, or does it seem like everyone in Big Bang hates everyone else?!!?!?!?!?!?! Ok, well, first of all, everyone hates Seungri. That's a given. That's because he's a complete tool who's talentless and idolized Justin Timberlake. And Taeyang is....um....without his solo, he's almost as nonexistent as Kibummie. LOLOLOL. I was reading something about Big Bang the other day where it was a breakdown of all the members, and it mentioned Taeyang, and I was like "Oh yeah! He's in the group too! I forgot!" Haha. He's just REALLY quiet. And TOP is just fine as hell, and he practically has to kneel talking to GD. TOP's too busy chasing Shin Mina and other girls with that fine ass voice he has. LOLOL. And GD's friends are all scene kids! He doesn't even hang out with the Big Bang boys! Have you noticed?!!?!?!?! The ONLY person worthwhile is Daesungnnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, if it wasn't for "Dumb and Dumber", he'd be unhappy as hell in Big Bang. Hahaha. What I'm saying is, the Big Bang boys are just a group, you know? They don't seem like they're actually friends, you know? Versus DBSK and Suju, you know they're friends in real life outside of group activities. Whereas it seems like Big Bang wouldn't hang out with each other if they didn't have to.

Yes, tell me what you thought about the Quiz Expedition thing. I don't even watch that show, and I happened to watch it for Minwoo, but that one contestant with the helium voice. I've fallen in love. Hahahahahaha.

~Park Choong Jae

Fan Letter #28

[Written March 22, 2009]

LOL i hate when suju tries to be edgy. like really, they should just stick with the image from "happiness." they just aren't cool and edgy. as much as i love them, everytime ryeowook comes out or kyuhyun tries to be sexy i just end up laughing my head off. hankyung can somewhat pull it off but the rest of them look ridiculous. but i love them anyway (:
i just wish they had put songs like "marry u" on this album and could promote that kind of stuff instead.
(i recently became obsessive and downloaded like all their marry u performances and am totally addicted to watching them ^^)

i am borderline psycho fangirl i guess xD
the amount of time and money i put in is insane. i have always been super in love with CDs and no matter what kind of music i listen to, i totally have to buy like a million cds. i just love having them. its really sad because now i have to pay shipping and handling and it is always such a rip off. but i cant resist~

plus i am going to the kmf at hollywood bowl this year and spent way too much money on that because i guess i was slightly deslusional lol.
but i would do almost anything to go to an smtown concert even though they are cheap LOL. i just love like every single sm group, so i dont think i could resist.

yay antique bakery!! i am so watching it today (: excited!!
and OMG I LOVE KIM JEONG HOON TOO!! all my friends loved shin like 124904365747x more than yul but i swear i only watched goong because i was so in love with kim jeong hoon!! HE IS SO CUTE<333
and i also tried to watch devil but i forget why i stopped.
the amount of dramas that i have seen part of is insane but the amount i have actually finished is like... less than 15.

i would have probably loved the rest of it as well (heechul+kangin!) but them being mean to shinee was just so hilarious~ i love shinee but they are SUCH losers. they make suju look so freaking cool its unbelievable. and i usually think suju is lame (in a loveable way) so for them to look cool is pretty impressive.

i dont know how sm finds these people..

i totally love dbsk but i try to get my friends to like them and they always say they are boring. and seriously i try to think of an example of a time when they are totally hilarious... but compared to suju... they are pretty boring. the only thing i can ever think of is  when junsu says he can speak kenyan (or some african language) and hes just like BAMBAYA~~ with a totally straight face xD aslkfaldg i love them too. i am so incredibly biased about suju and dbsk. its messed up.

i am hoping that shinee is just young and will soon become total crack but i have some doubts. i watched them on that show with 2pm and it was so awkward lol. (and by awkward i mean gay beyond belief lololol) 2pm, on the other hand, are quickly approaching hilarious levels of crack (:

yesex! roflroflrofl i love him. he is just~ fail. exactly. i was watching part of suju on star golden bell and siwon picks yesung as the member with the weirdest personality :D he just loses at everything. love him (: he tries so hard but it just doesnt work. he is only known as a weirdo now xD

and heechul's hair!! at first i was so happy that he cut it but then i wanted to cry at the shortness. SUCH a bad haircut. but he managed to make it loveable by making fun of himself. i love the picture of him and hankyung with their short hair and glasses xD
it makes him look really old though :(
but its heechul so i love him anyway (:

no one but korean boybands can be like that. its just strange if anyone else attempts it. its because the guys like sm are just amazingly good and finding total weirdos that have talent (most of the time) and putting them together in the strangest combinations. really i would not expect most of super junior to get along. because each member doesn't really seem to have the ability to get along with other people lol. but sm puts them into a group of 13? and it works?? sm is my hero~

i am going to go watch that quiz expedition right now because i actually finished all my work and i have to wait for antique to finish downloading (:

~Jung Pil Kyo

Fan Letter #27

[Written March 19, 2009]

I don't like how they synthesized Sungmin and Ryeowook's voices on Sorry Sorry. I don't think it makes them sound great, you know? Sungmin got a new makeover. Like...he's edgier, without the bleach blond hair from Don't Don. Hahaha. Gawd...the first time I saw the "Don't Don" concept, I seriously thought it was THE DUMBEST thing I've ever seen in my life. Watching the MV 30 times over again, I think that the concept is so freaking coooooooool!! LOLOLOL. Haha. Dude, I even contemplated getting bangs and dying them BLEACH BLONDE, like Hannie or Sungmin. LOLOLOLOL.

I'm not a psycho fangirl either. I think I'm in denial. Haha. Hahaha. Dude, I have never bought one Kpop cd. I love those album/MV sharing sites too much. YET, even though I download all my stuff, I still go on Yesasia and want to buy all the albums. Dude, I ACTUALLY contemplated buying the Super Junior Calendar/Organizer for 10 minutes, just staring at the computer screen, even though I freaking use Microsoft Outlook!!!!! W-------T--------F. I want to spend money on a Suju concert or something, but the thought of going to a Suju concert is not that appealing. First off, I'm going to be sitting like 1 mile out from the stage because I'm cheap and I'm not going to buy good tickets. LOL. And then I won't be able to see any of the boys. And they lipsync anyways, and good GAWD...SM concerts are SOOOOOOOOOOO LOW BUDGET!!!!!!!! They spend all of the $100 dollars on them!!!!! I'll go to like...a Justin Timberlake concert or a Rain concert (lol, if he didn't freaking cancel all of them). But in general, Korean concerts are really low-budget.

The Antique Bakery link is: http://www.veoh.com/users/santorini82/videos
I know someone uploaded it on youtube recently in like 10 parts, but I don't know where that is. I didn't bookmark it. Haha. Gawd, I avoided "Goong" for THE LONGEST time. But then I saw it, and I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!! I have a love-hate relationship with Yoon Eun Hye. I love her...but then hate her, does that make sense? Dude, the best part of "Goong" was Kim Jeong Hoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAWD I LOVE HIM!!!! I love him 10asdjflksjfdksljfasdkljfsalkdj more than Joo Ji Hoon!!! LIKE A BIGILLION TIMES MORE. He's soooooooooo cute. I LOVE Joo Ji Hoon, but I love Kim Jeong Hoon like alsjsdfkasfasf. GAH, I'm so in love. But Kim Jeong Hoon like disappeared off the face of the Earth!!! He's not even that active in Japan!!!!! WTF. He did that Taiwanese drama...but it was bleh, cuz they dubbed all of his lines, and I didn't even bother watching it. Maybe I'll watch it after watching some other priority dramas. Haha. I started watching "Devil" because of Joo Ji Hoon, but I REALLY don't like Shin Mina, and I don't know if I want to grit my teeth through the whole series just for Joo Ji Hoon. Haha. But I think I'll bear it. Haha.

When Shinee went on Band of Brothers, bwhahaahha. I love how everyone eliminated Taemin immediately because he was too young. Haha. And they said something about how Taemin should be calling some of the guys ahjusshis. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Or that part when one of the boys introduces himself as "flaming charisma" and everyone was like ???????????????????. And I love the part when one of the Shinee boys said that they could speak Chinese, and Heechul forced him to talk, and he goes like, "Did you say that you liked bread?!" And then he threatens calling Hankyung. BWahahahahahahaahahah. GAWD, I'm laughing just think about it. That was the only Band of Brothers thing I've ever seen. I've never seen a full episode. I just saw that segment, and I'm pretty sure it was the funniest segment in the entire series. Haha.

But dude, Shinee DOES NOT compare to Suju in terms of crack. The only other group that can compare to Suju in terms of crack is DBSK, but lately, they've gotten more serious. Haha. I think it's because their songs like Bolero are too serious.

Yes, YESEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It IS from Unbelievable Outing. GAWD, Yesex is my new favorite member. I love how he's always vying for camera time, but then FAILS. He's like THE ULTIMATE failure in Suju. Hahahaahaha. And I always love the look on his face when he fails at things. Like, even in EHB, remember the first episode, where they were testing the taste buds, and Shin Dong Yup asked the groups what they wanted to do, whether they wanted to ice cube their tongues or dry their tongues, and Yesex goes like "ice cube" but then Sungmin suggests "drying" and Yesex goes like "Oh...so we're going with drying?" *insert Yesex's fail face*. Bwahahahahahaha. Heechul's now known as Sukso by the way. Haha. He's always been so sukso about things, but these days, it's ALL he does! Plus, his new haircut is W----T---F. Even He makes fun of it. Hahahaha. He says it's the chestnut hair. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. And he says if he dyed it red, like during the Rokokgo days, then it would be an acorn. Gah, I love his sense of humor.

YES...seriously, now that you brought it up, EVERYONE at SM WOULD BE LOSERS if it were not for SM. Dude, Heechul and Kibummie ARE computer nerds. Heechul spends more time on the computer than he does rehearsing for Suju! That's why he only has 1 line in Sorry Sorry!!!! Dude, if Ryeowook didn't have SM...he'd get beaten to a pulp everyday. At least SM protects him. Haha. Yes, boyband members ARE wired a different way from normal people. Specifically Korean boyband members. Because the Chinese boyband members TRY to act with that same level of crack, but it does NOT work out for them. AT ALL. They FAIL miserably.

Dude, did you happen to watch the recent Quiz Expedition with Minwoo and Hwangbo on KBS? It's on ahboo's site. Anywho...DUDE, there is this one contestant who is FREAKING GOLD. He's like..MC Yoo IN THE MAKING. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. Gahhhhhhh. <3 <3 <3 <3

~Park Choong Jae

Quiz Expedition Minwoo and Hwangbo:
Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k1I5zdCtP64iL4YILr
Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4z4b30NNQ11llYJ8F
Part 3: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/kkOWcOUaiDeqTCYJjR

Fan Letter #26

[Written March 13, 2009]

HEECHUL DID GET REPLACED BY SUNGMIN! there was so much sungmin in the mv!!! and totally not enough heechul! although i know that heechul really doesnt have as much singing talent as sungmin, i love heechuls voice so much more. i am so so excited for them to be on shows again~ i didnt realize how much i missed them lol which sounds really lame. i am not one of those psycho fangirls... but really i spend a lot of time (AND MONEY) on suju. (I WISH IT WERE CHEAPER TO BUY THEIR CDS) i think its like a curse that i love to buy cds. it was okay when i listened to american music, but the shipping and handling stuff for korean cds is such a rip off. but i cant resist buying them. normal girls may spend all their extra money on clothes, but obviously (i'm sure you can tell) i'm not exactly "normal" xD (can fangirls really be normal? hahaha)

ANTIQUE BAKERY? i wanted to watch that for so long!!! can you send me a link? haha joo ji hoon... i used to really like him.. (princess hours..) but then he got kind of ugly i guess. dont know. but since i liked him in the past i wanted to see the movie. plus i heard it was awesome.

when shinee went on band of brothers i laughed my head off. they werent even nice at all! just completely eliminated taemin and minho LOL i love heechul forever.

HAHA WHEN I READ "YESEX" I LAUGHED SO HARD! thats from unbelievable outing or something, right? omgomgomg pwahahaha yesung is like the lamest person in the world<3

they really need to have a variety/reality show like ehb/full house again. something that is just suju with no one else so that they can just be completely insane. oh~ i love them all~

HAHA SERIOUSLY almost everyone in sm would be a loser. especially the dbsk members. i think about 1/2 of suju would be able to make friends... but ryeowook PWAHAAHAH i love him bc he is in suju but i cant imagine what he would be like without sm. jaejoong LMAO he is SUCH a freak!! heechul.. leeteuk.. eunhyuk.. lol all such weirdos. i mean really, eunhyuk and junsu's only friends were each other and then they both end up in SM. it just makes sense! i think that korean boyband members are like a different species from normal people or something. incredibly loveable on crack variety shows but probably total computer game creepy nerds (or just psychos) in real life.

~Jung Pil Kyo

Fan Letter #25

[Written March 13, 2009]

LOL, you already made your suju ringtone. Hahaha. I have to use the MV. :( Either that or I'm going to use gifs from the MV to make a video ringtone. The song is banging, even though the album is like Super Junior KRY's album. Heechul got demoted and Sungmin got promoted. Haha. Gah, I love those boys. I can't wait to see them on all the variety shows. *squeel*

It's true. All of the FO members DO have their own soundtrack. Sooro and his Darth Vader. GAWD, I laugh just thinking about it. Hahaahaha!!! Whoever is in charge of all the sound effects on that show is GENIUS. Gawd, that person is my IDOL. It's so hard to find THE PERFECT sound effects to go along with the image, yet he does it ceaselessely. Actually, the entire FO team is my idol. I haven't watched anything this week! GAH. But I found out, someone uploaded Antique Bakery english subbed on Veoh so the second I get the chance, I'm going to watch that. *squeeling in anticipation* I'm absolutely in love with Joo Ji Hoon.

As far as Suju ranking, it IS like that. It's so hard to pick your favorite. It's half impossible!!! I think I'm liking Eunhyuk and Lee Teuk the most right now, the sukira boys. Haha. Even though Lee Teuk is an emo bitch but I love him regardless. OMG...his LAUGH is INFECTIOUS. I know someone who used it as their ringtone! Bwahahhaa. Eunhyuk I like right now because he's witty and he's got the smooth moves. Haha. Before my fav was definitely Kangin and Heechul, but Heechul's been annoying me lately with his variety shows? It's like overexposure for him or something, you know? Especially since they aren't really vareity shows that capture him and all of his glory, like Band of Brothers, which was a complete WTF moment, you know? Though their Shinee audition on that show was L---O---L. Hahaha. And then Kangin being married? I'm not really feeling that. It's a fake marriage, but not even a good one! There needs to be EHB season 2 or Full House season 2 or something, you know?!!?!?! Those are the types of variety shows that maximize Suju's hilariousness. Haha. And yes, I remember that part on EHB with Yesex and "I collect bugs". Bwhaahahaahahahaahahahahaah!!!! That was like one of the best lines ever delivered. He says everything with a serious face. Yesex's best parts were episode 4 when he had to do the weight lifting. GAH, that was GOLD. Or when Kangin smelled the liquid ammonia. Bwhahaahaha. Yesex's face was best during the swimming episode, where he got launched off that diving board backwards and the look on this face + sound effect was PRICELESS. I wish for these moments again. And yes, I laugh my head off during those moments too. Hahaha. Even after I've seen then 20+ times. 

"If Heechul has friends, anyone can have friends." Aww thanks for giving me hope. It's true though! I was thinking, if the people at SM weren't famous, they WOULD be losers!!! Like freaking Yunho or Ryeowook!!! Right?!?!? I know Jaejoong's like a nut. Haha. Yeah, I guess I don't worry too much about finding my crowd. I figure, if people don't try to know what FO or Xman or EHB or Suju is, then it's their loss. If they miss out on the greatest variety show ever made, then it's their loss, you know? It's like, it's them..and then us. And we laugh a lot more than they do and are happier in general, that's the conclusion that I've reached.

~Park Choong Jae

Fan Letter #24

[Written March 10, 2009]

i am totally in love with the song. its not their best ever but its super addictive<3 can't wait to see them on all the shows and everything! i am so watching their comeback on the 13th even though the time difference is going to make it hard for me lol
haha of course kibum doesnt have a part... that is so going to start rumors of him leaving again...

LOL I KNOW! i thought they would replace eun ji won bc they got two new mcs... but he is STILL THERE! i'm always surprised lol seung gi did have a cool image though so that should be interesting xD

i already made a ringtone of sorry sorry haha (: the chorus! now i seriously wait around, wishing my phone will ring so that i can hear it. i swear people only call me when i have lame ringtones.

LMAO YES Sooro's darth vader noises hahaha. not only do the family members have nicknames, they even have their own soundtracks. its awesome.

yeah the suju members are all second place bc heechul is number one. but really i cant actually rank them anymore because i love them all. i used to be able to decide who i liked better, but being the obsessive fan that i am, i ended up a huge fan of everyone so its like
1. heechul
2. everyone else xD
HAHA dude if heechul has friends, anyone can have friends. that actually applies to some of the other suju members as well. on EHB when DBSK was there and they were saying their highschool sports and yesung was like I COLLECTED BUGS.
and kyuhyun was like I WAS ON THE MATH TEAM.
and they were both totally serious~~~ omg i laughed my head off!!
i think most of the people in sm would be total losers if they werent in sm lol
crazy personalities are definitely perfect for tv xD

haha i gave up on "finding my crowd" and created one myself. bc my friends saw what an obsessed loser i was, knowing that i usually dont get excited about anything, they figured that kpop stuff must be pretty good so they checked it out and lmao now they are always singing "nobody" or "rainism". i love it.

~Jung Pil Kyo

Fan Letter #23

[Written March 9, 2009]

Dude, I FLIPPED completely last night. I coincided the time with Korea's time, so that at 10:00 am, I had my hands on Sorry Sorry. Yes, I'm obsessed. Last night, I was physically shaking from excitement! I had like 10 million browsers open. Like melon and mnet, and I was obsessively checking youtube every second in addition to soompi. There were like 300 people on the Super Junior soompi thread last night. Wow...we're all very obsessed fans. Hahahaha. But this morning, when I checked soompi again, people even identified who sang what part. O_O I'm obsessed, but not that obsessed. Hahaha. Apparently, Super Junior-K (Kibum)'s solo is nowhere to be found. He was probably thrown into the chorus. Haha. But yeah, I don't care how repetitive this song is. It's freaking awesome. And I'm soooo happy about Suju's return.

Hahaha, Eun Ji Won IS a complete loser on Inkigayo. Hahahaha. I'm surprised he hasn't been kicked out of the MC spot yet, cuz you know those music shows change MCs like every 2 weeks. I'm like..."WHY is he still around!?!!?!?!" But yeah, wait till you see his image take a nosedive on 1N2D. Actually, watch ALL of their images take a nosedive on 1N2D. Especially Seung Gi. Hahaha. And MC Mong, gah, I'm completely in love with him. He and Eunhyuk should get together and be monkeys together. Haha.

I'm SOOO excited for when the MV comes out, cuz I'm just going to use it as my ringtone. I figure I should get smarter and not waste a million hours of my life trying to find gifs and pictures of Suju and set it to Suju music and turn it into a video ringtone. Oh yeah, that's another thing, my phone doesn't seem to like facilitating normal ringtones. It doesn't let you make a ringtone for your phone unless if it's in video format. Stupid.

I DO love how no one listened to Sooro when he was complaining about the food. And I love how none of the other members cared. Hahaha. It's like they were too tired and sleepy to care. Hahaha. Yes, Hyori's new sound is the cat. I love how Sooro's designated sound is the Darth Vader theme music. LOLOLOLOLOL. That makes me laugh EVERY TIME. Hahaha.

OMG...Siwon and his emperor gestures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH, I love how they made fun of that on EHB. Best moments ever. I think one of my favorite EHB moments were when they were testing reaction time, and Eunhyuk's shoe flew off, and 2 heel-lifts came out. Bwahhaahahahahahaha!!! CLASSIC Eunhyuk moment. He's currently my fav member right now. Haha. I rotate through favorites. Hahahaha. But Heechul will always be my fav because he's soooo looney. I love how he says what's on his mind, and people love him anyways, you know? He doesn't care about what others think. One of my favorite quotes is from We Got Married where Kangin calls Heechul to buy him a ricecooker, and when they hang up, Kangin says, "He doesn't live this life in the right state of mind." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! But I don't know, even something as little as that, gives me confidence for being different, you know? Not a lot of people understand me. Haha. But I'm convinced that I'm borderline genius. Hahaha. Dude, I think of everything that happens around me like a variety show, where I'm MC Yoo! Hahahaa. I don't know, I just think really differently from other people. So when Kangin said that quote...it made me so relieved. Plus, it makes me relieved that if someone as insane as Heechul has friends who understand him, then there's hope for me. LOL. But yeah, I say that I'm loony because there's no one around me who likes kpop, much less MC Yoo...so...I seem like I'm from outerspace. But I have faith that one day, I'll find my "crowd"(?)

~Park Choong Jae